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My husband is a food lover. If I say fast food is his second love then it will certainly be true. The worst thing is that my eight years old son also shares this love with my husband. Both of them want to eat their favorite dishes every weekend and sometimes in between weeks. This love of theirs makes me crazy sometimes especially when I come back home after a tiring day and they expect me to cook something special for them. But, I must say that nothing can compare the joy and pleasure you get while eating with your loved ones on the same table.

Oh, Same Issue With You?

So, if I am not wrong then your family members are also fond of eating good food not the one given in restaurants and hates but one that is made at home. Thanks God, I am not alone. Now, you are expecting me to give some cooking tips so that you can cook well, isn’t it? Well, I have something much better than this but for this; you will have to read my story.

Yes, This is 100% True

 I was never a good cook, I never was. Even cooking classes failed to teach me how to cook but this little device people call toaster oven made me best cook within a matter of days. It was not that I bought an oven first time. I have been using ovens for several years now but this toaster oven had something special. I became fan of its extraordinary features and its cooking mechanism. It never let me down in front of my family and guests. The best thing about it is that it is time saving. So, if you also want to make your loved ones happy by cooking them their favorite food then you must first buy a good toaster oven.

Secret Revealed: Let I tell you one secret I learned from my personal experience; best toaster oven can make everyone best cook even if he or she is a worst cook in reality. If you doubt it then try it yourself. 

 This Isn’t a Joke

Finding the best toaster oven is not an easy task. There are hundreds of toasters each having great features, at least this is what their manufacturers claim. What to do then? You do not need to do anything as I did it myself at the time I was looking for toaster oven. Following is the list of top 5 toaster ovens. I picked up one of them and that is when my life changed. So, if you get embarrassed due to the food you cook then it’s the time to change your life. Just read toaster over reviews given below and pick up the one you like most. 

Best Toaster Oven ReviewsProduct DimensionsItem WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsAmazon Rating
Waring Pro TCO650 Digital Convection OvenWaring Pro TCO650 Digital Convection Oven 814.5 x 17 x 10.8 inches18.4 poundsRead Full Reviews515 Customer Reviews4.3
Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven Broiler Cuisinart TO1 418.5 x 16.9 x 10 inches22 pounds Read Full Reviews682 Customer Reviews4.5
Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster OvenBreville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800 318.5 x 16.2 x 11.2 inches29 poundsRead Full Reviews2540 Customer Reviews4.4
Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven 1800-Watt Toaster OvenWaring Pro TCO650 Digital Convection Oven 814.2 x 16.5 x 10 inches21 poundsRead Full Reviews744 Customer Reviews4.2
Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart OvenBreville BOV450XL Oven 115.5 x 14 x 8.8 inches15 poundsRead Full Reviews490 Customer Reviews4.5

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

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The time has gone when you have to wait for longer time to feed oneself. There are many devices just like this oven that are always ready to help you to prepare the dish you need. The time matters and it takes into consideration this factor and provides you the desired results in no time.


There are numerous benefits that this electric devise is providing to its users. You need to consider them. They are mentioned as below,

Control the heat: You can control the heat whenever, you think it is not providing you the heat you need. There exist button on it that helps you to achieve this purpose. The IQ technology makes sure that you are having the right amount of heat that is baking or preparing the product in it as needed.

Latest features: This oven is constructed by taking into account the latest features like the LCD and the touchpad that were never thought to be in ovens. These sorts of features add a lot into its value.

Multiple racks: There exist three racks inside of it that can be used to keep different sorts of eatables. They also increase its capacity and make it unique. People always look for those ovens that are better able to store more eatables at one time.

Functions to be performed: There are couples of functions that are performed by this oven and are already set into it. These built in functions will not let you feel any sort of problem during the baking process.

Easy to clean: The whole of the oven is really simple to clean. The inside part is considered to difficult to be cleaned; but because of its unique structure, this is possible with ease.

Different sorts of pans:There are many sorts of pans that are used for supporting the ingredients of various dishes. They are related to pizzas like eatables.

Durable: The structure of the oven is really strong and will not get broken or rusted easily. The oven will be with you for a longer period of time. The processes will also be safer.

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 Cuisinart TOB-195 Oven Broiler, Stainless

Cuisinart TOB-195 Oven Broiler, Stainless


Who thought it would be that much easy to get the eatables ready in no time. This oven is full of features that are not readily available in the other such like devices. It is better to purchase it rather to waste time and efforts on the methods that are really dangerous and should be avoided.


If you understand the features of any product, it will become very simple for you to use it. The crucial characteristics of this oven which makes it best toaster oven are discussed as follow,

Reasonable capacity: It has a better capacity of storing the eatables in it. The total capacity of this oven is 0-6 cubic foot that is enough for such like ovens. You can bake or heat your favorite dishes in no time.

Various buttons: There exist various buttons that are used for different purposes. The buttons include those which are used for the reheating, defrosting, baking and for such like functions.

Maintain the temperature: The shade control system in it has a sensor of heat that controls the inside temperature of the oven and provide the best heat to your food in it to get prepared in time.

Heavy warranty: It has a huge warranty period that extends to three years. It is the longest period that is ever provided by any manufacturer. You can return it to him if any part of the oven does not function properly.

Easy to clean: The whole of the oven can be cleaned with ease and no problem at hand. The inside part is really easy to clean up. The tray can be removed for making the process of cleaning simple for you.

Alarm alert: If you get yourself busy in other matters after keeping the food in it, the alarm system will make noise to have your attention. In this way, the food does not burnt out in the oven.

Touch pad: This feature shows that you are having something with latest features. It becomes very simple and easy to set it in accordance to your taste using the touch pad system.

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Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven

Breville BOV650XL 1800-Watt Toaster Oven with IQ


 The latest technology has changed the way of preparing dishes for eating. The methods have been completely altered from the conventional to the latest ones. This is one of the instances of the innovation in the eating field. It is 1800 watt device that seems quite reasonable to operate at home.


There are many features that are provided by this oven to its users. To have a better insight into it, they are necessary to read and are mentioned below.

The latest technology: It has IQ technology that is the latest one in the oven industry. The eatables kept in it will be in use; as, it is very efficient and will produce the desired results for you in no time.

Various racks: There exist three racks that can be used for keeping many things at one place. This feature is rarely found in other ovens that claim to be the best, but in fact are not, and are very expensive to purchase.

Warranty: This device has one year warranty period that supports its use. The users can have fun with it for a longer period of time. If anything does not work properly, you can return it to the manufacturer during that period.

Control everything: You can have grip over all the functions in it. They are really very simple and can be used whenever, you want them to. If you are looking for controlling the temperature or any other function, this can be done easily without any complexity.

Occupy lesser space: It can be kept anywhere in the kitchen. It is not difficult to do so if you are having it. This problem will be solved with it and there will be no need to set up a new place to store or make it operational.

Useful for everything: Whatever you have to bake, heat, or prepare, there will be no problem with its use. It is always ready to provide help in every situation. In other words, it certainly is the best toaster oven as far as its features are concerned.

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Breville BOV450XL Oven with Element IQ

Breville BOV450XL Oven with Element IQ 4


Oven has become the necessity of every home. You cannot deny their importance especially at the time, when you have to provide the food to many persons on regular basis. Whatever the situation is, it will really be a helping hand for you. Just a little money and time are required to spend to make your day happy. This product got positive toaster oven reviews from most of the customers.


There are a number of features that are provided by this machine to the users. It is much better to know to get full of this oven. Some of the important features are described as follows:

Cheaper than other: The other devices that perform the same functions are difficult to purchase. They are expensive and do not provide the same quality as provided by it. So what are you waiting for, make a purchase as soon as possible.

Built-in functions: There exist numerous cooking functions that are not found in other machines. It has eight built in functions that can be used with ease. Select the best one and get the desired dish prepared.

Suitable for every food: No matter, the food that you have to prepare for eating is completely unbaked, or half baked or full baked, it will always be assisting you. The taste of the edibles will be increased to a large extent.

Spacious area: The internal area of the oven is really spacious and you can keep a number of things for baking in it. This features is not found in other likewise devices.

Durable frame body: The body of the oven is made with the pure material that will never get rusty and will be with you for a longer period of time.The painting, on the exterior part of the oven, makes it stronger than ever and increases its worth.

Removable tray: It has tray inside of it that makes sure that the things in it are safer and are being baked properly. This tray can be removed for making this process easier.

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Waring Pro TCO650 Oven

 Waring Pro TCO650 Oven


You need to have something effective in your kitchen that will make the eatables ready to eat in no time. This is the best choice in front of you, and has become the necessity of every household. It is prepared with the technology and is available at very reasonable amount of money.


To understand the operations of this machine, it is necessary to know about the features that it provides to its customers. The most crucial ones of them are mentioned as follow,

Less electricity consumption: This machine is the best one in the regard of the electricity. It consumes a little amount of electricity that you will like it to be with you, for a longer period of time. There will be a very little increment in the total electricity bill with its addition. It is 1500 watts’ device that is really suitable for the home environment.

LCD system: It has LCD function that makes it simple to use. The user can see what the settings that have been set in it are. You can change them easily, and this feature will show you what the status of the eatable in it is.

Control panel:The oven is controlled with the help of a panel. It is very latest and you can set the function with your fingers on it, as it has touch pad that is really simple to use.

Friendly for everybody: Whether you have purchased for the very first time or have been using it, there is no need to take tension of its use. You will be able to get accustomed to it very soon. It has very simple functions that can be used by everybody with ease.

Multiple tasks: You can use this oven for baking, toasting or even preparing the pizza. It is really easy to use it to get the desire dish in no time. You will not be required to go out of your home to purchase the eatable that you want.

Save your money: After spending a little amount of money, there is no need to go to the places that are really very expensive. When you have best toaster oven in your kitchen ten why go somewhere else?

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Things to consider while buying Toaster Oven

The toaster oven is one of the best kitchen appliances. As its name suggests, it makes toast. It is a small size device that can easily fit on the top of the counter. There is a vast range of toaster oven with different features in the market that are enough to puzzle buyers. To eradicate all confusions I am mentioning few things to consider while buying a toaster over.

Just like other products, Toaster oven is also available in various prices that vary from features to features. Few toaster ovens are recently launched and few are yet to launch and these toaster ovens are definitely engineered according to the latest technology while old toaster ovens based on previous age technologies. So, Basically I am trying to say that new toasters are better than too old toasters. Now take a look at the point to think before purchasing toaster oven

Size: Everyone has different requirements; some want to cook chicken, few like to toast and others wishes to cook various items. So, the size of toaster oven depends upon the requirement of users. The larger quantity or area consuming dishes you want to make, the more size you want.

Roomy: Apart from size, always look the inside area before investing money in it. Internal area should be roomy enough to cook delicious dishes that occupy space.

Quality: Of course, quality is the top most factors that people are delving for, as there are many brands available that promises different aspects but always check the quality and never compromise on it.

Durability: Quality is related to durability or one can say that both are directly proportional to each other. Toaster oven should be perdurable with a nice warranty period. No one likes to change any of their kitchen products after 1 to 1.5 years. If you caught in trouble while selecting between any two or three toaster oven, then I would recommend you to choose the famous brand between the two or three choices.

Price: Before making mind for toaster oven purchase, it is recommended to look your budget and then search for the product that is best suits you.Price conventionally varies from feature to feature and brand to brand. The renowned brand usually launches rather expensive toasters, but not every brand. Few popular brands introduce their ovens with convincing features in lesser prices too.

Do Not Think, Not Now

Stop thinking as too much thinking also sometimes leads us to wrong decisions. Just go and get yourself best toaster oven.